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Safety Topic: August 2018 | Back Safety

Safety Topic: August 2018 | Back Safety

Establishing Safety Procedures for Lifting Prevents Major Injuries

DID YOU KNOW…back injuries account for nearly 20 percent of all injuries and illnesses in the workplace?

Safe lifting procedures and load-carrying techniques are crucial to preventing painful and expensive injuries in the workplace. Unfortunately, most workers do not consistently use back safety practices, at great risk to their personal well-being. Back injuries are often caused by unsafe lifting and carrying of heavy or awkward objects, but are easily prevented. 

Common Types of Injuries

The most common types of job-related back injuries are:

  • Strain—overused or overstretched muscles
  • Strain—overused or overstretched musclesSprain—torn ligaments from sudden movement
  • Herniated disk—loss of the spine’s cushioning ability from strain or age

A back safety program is key to dramatically reducing debilitating back injuries on the job.

Although improper lifting, carrying, and moving techniques are the primary cause of back injuries, significant contributing factors are workers who are in poor physical condition and overweight. Encourage your employees to maintain a healthy weight and good muscle tone through stretching exercises and other wellness programs.

Check out this video or share it at your next team meeting. Be Safe.


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