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September 2018: National Alcohol & Drug Addiction Recovery Month

September 2018: National Alcohol & Drug Addiction Recovery Month

Let’s face it, the construction industry is facing a major challenge with our workforce. Our pool of workers is aging. Younger folks aren’t taking as much as interest in construction, so our team members work for several years. Their knowledge and experience in the field is invaluable. However there are potential medical issues caused by repetitive motion, age, and overall wellness that can lead to surgeries or other pain management methods. Unfortunately, in many cases this can lead to an addiction to prescription pain killers. #opioidcrisis

When we think of the opioid crisis, in the media, it mainly focuses on young people overdosing—but in many cases older people are functioning while addicted to strong pain medication. This creates several issues, especially when one is no longer able to determine the side effects of the medication.

As a leader how can you safely manage a team, when you don’t know who is on pain medication?
Safety is always the most important priority for our workforce so we have to be proactive.

With Policy

Voluntary Notification
Implement procedures so that team members have to notify you of any prescription that can impede their ability to work safely.

Drug Test Policy
Implement a substance abuse program to monitor legal and illegal drug use.

If you are taking pain medication, inform your Manager so they can take the steps necessary to manage your work schedule to avoid times where the drug is most potent in your system. People may not realize the side effects of the medications and they may put themselves and their fellow team members at serious risk.

If you’ve been on a pain management plan for more than 8 weeks, consider other methods to get better. #yoga #chiropractichealth #accupuncture

Visit for support. Make the choice to work safely and to be healthy.

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